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Empower their audience through transformative & unapologetic copy

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The competition online is fierce, so let me help your service-based business show up in the most unapologetically you way possible.
From solopreneurs to corporate enterprises, let's beef up your brand, optimize your opt-ins, and improve your engagement.

and neither am I!


let's face it...

I’ll admit, I have a few talents. But my superpower is resonating. And trust me when I say… I do not take this power lightly!

Our words command attention and this is the foundation of my creative strategy. I write “the things” that get you seen. A Wordsmithing Superhero Sidekick, if you will.

“But Carri…can you really match my brand voice and unique vibe?”

*clears throat*

copywriter for coaches & personal development professionals

Hi, I’m Carri


That's what I do!

Basically... I work with the people who help people be better people. 

Therapists, counselors, coaches, empowerment experts, body-positive pros...

i provide
back-up for:

the scoop

From blurbs to blogs, the bottom line is engagement. I offer a variety of short and long-form copy products, with optimized SEO, to empower your readers, solidify your brand voice, and deliver tangible results.

my services

“Keep the main thing, the main thing.” Everything I do is done with intention. As a copywriter, I LOVE being able to genuinely engage with my clients and connect with their bigger purpose. This allows me to create targeted, authentic copy, conveyed in their distinctive brand voice.

my approach

Yes… OUR results. Your success is my success. I only win when you do, and real talk…

Our results


Herman Dunnom Jr.

As a writer, those I choose to work with must be talented to garner my time, attention and money. The writing style, expert feedback and amazing editing skills provided by Copy by Carri have blown my mind and the minds of those who read my website, proposals, newsletters and blogs. Carri has added so much value to my brand, allowing me to release content to the world with confidence. It may be my content, but without her copy, I’m dead in the water.

Mind blown

CEO/President | Beautiful Men & Women, Inc.


Kara Mia Dunn

I love how you were effortlessly able to nail sounding like me in writing. You helped to bring what I wanted to say to paper, as I really struggled with sounding too professional. You inspired me to continue to try and type how I would speak and to find my voice in writing. I just really loved working with you and am now looking at future projects that we can work together on!

You inspired me...

Boudoir photographer | DÉJÀ REVÉL


Richard Fendler

Dir. of Content Partnerships | SnackNation

I’ve been working with Carri for over a year now and her copywriting skills are top tier. She has a unique ability to turn a mundane topic into something truly engaging and fun. I highly recommend working with her if you need help writing high quality content for your business.

Top tier


Melissa Guigliotta

EM GEE INK | Copy + Content Editor

I was pleased with two blogs Carri wrote for me! She was able to match my client’s voice and did a great job laying out a compelling case in each piece. It’s clear Carri is a naturally-talented writer and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. She made my life so much easier!

Matched my client's voice


Tyler Simpson

After over a year working with Carri I am extremely impressed with her quality of writing and professionalism. Because every assignment has her full attention she has helped upgrade our content marketing department. She accepts notes and feedback, implements the suggestions and constantly tries to improve her finished product. If you are in need of a strong content writer with knowledge in B2B blog writing, we recommend Carri!

Strong writer

Content Manager | Snacknation & LeadRoller


Let's be honest... your days are already loaded with calls, meetings, and deep discussions on complex topics. Your role is to operate a thriving business and, as a business owner, I overstand what that means. Finding the time to maintain consistent, relevant content can be freaking exhausting!

Meanwhile... your website is a major snoozefest  (complete with sad SEO stats), your landing pages have no “meat & potatoes,”  and your content has cobwebs.


we win



umm... help me!

My approach to creating impactful copy is to simply be intentional in everything I conceive.

otherwise, what's the point?

I'll take your intricate topics, stir them around with your brand voice, and create genuine, targeted copy to “edutain” all facets of your following.

What gets your readers to click on these priceless pieces?

SEO optimization, of course! I know how to get you on Google’s radar with strategic keywords and content relevant to your target audience.

Don’t be afraid to delegate! Your image, your reputation, and your copy are all safe with me.

i'm so ready!

let's get you results like this!

Don’t be afraid to delegate! 

Your image, your reputation, and your copy are all safe with me.

SEO optimization, of course! I know how to get you on Google’s radar with strategic keywords and content relevant to your target audience.

okay, i'll bite

Stick with me and never publish colorless copy again. Let's team up to give your audience an experience, not just some words on the page.

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This is where the change begins.

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